The Science of Beauty~ at the Royal Society of Edinburgh 10th-12th November 2015.

Discobolus Clive Wilkins Nicky Clayton

The Captured Thought, [Nicky Clayton, Professor of Comparative Cognition, and Clive Wilkins, Artist in Residence, Dept. of Psychology, University of Cambridge], are contributing to the Discussion Meeting. Their lecture, Conversations without Words~ The Beauty Lecture  is to be chaired by Sir David Attenborough.

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The Royal Society of Edinburgh~ The Science of Beauty~ 10-11 November 2015


What is common to the experience of beauty derived from sensory, cognitive and moral sources?

What is the relationship between aesthetic judgment and aesthetic experience?

And what is the grander biological significance of the experience of beauty?

These are some of the questions that will be discussed at length by the many distinguished speakers at this wide-ranging two-day conference.

Please see the event programme for more information.

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Nicky Clayton and Clive Wilkins just back from The HAY FESTIVAL 2015~ where they gave their ROYAL SOCIETY sponsored talk on MEMORY & MENTAL TIME TRAVEL~ featuring THE MOUSTACHIO QUARTET.

A view of beautiful Hay-on-Wye.IMG_5916

The HAY FESTIVAL in action.IMG_5899

Relaxing in the Green Room.Nicky Clayton Clive Wilkins

Preparing for the lecture.Nicky Clayton

The Good Energy Tent, and a big thank you to The Royal Society events team~ Tracy & David.IMG_5939

A view from the podium.IMG_5943

The LectureClive Wilkins Nicky Clayton

Playing with HayNicky Clayton Clive Wilkins

Moustachio’s lying in wait.IMG_5931

A memento of the event.Nicky Clayton Clive Wilkins

Back in the Green Room.Nicky Clayton Clive Wilkins


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The MOUSTACHIO QUARTET now available directly from the publisher~ alternatively from Amazon, or ‘by order’ from any good bookseller. *ALSO AVAILABLE DURING THE HAY FESTIVAL BOOK SIGNING.*


  Follow the link

All purchases from WIND on the WIRE Publishing contain souvenir origami~ each little sculpted form is associated with aspects of the text in some special, secret, sublime or beautiful manner.

Clive WILKINS Moustachio Quartet

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Moustachio Poster HAY final

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The Captured Thought SPOON Lecture at Queen Mary, University of London.

qmul-logo1-290x160 Clive Wilkins Nicky Clayton

We had a joyous time delivering our lecture~ and had much fun afterwards  discussing notions of time, space, mental processing and linguistics with Prof. Geraint A. Wiggins and Prof. David Adger, amongst many others. It was a very memorable day and ‘The Captured Thought Spoon Lecture’ was very well received.

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A Pleasant Little Summer Afternoon Mystery~ Imagine the conversation, as we leisurely punt down the Cam.

IMG_5792We recently received these post cards in our office at Cambridge~ and have been unable to work out who has sent them to us. The cards are lovely and the graphic script in which they are written effusive and glorious~ but we can’t decipher the signature! Help us out please~ declare yourself do.

Email us at or

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