The Captured Thought on the Spanish World Service

‘The Captured Thought’ with Nicky Clayton and Clive Wilkins will appear in a  feature interview for ‘North by South West’ on the English speaking RNE Spanish Public Radio World Service, on Monday 9th March 2015 in a 30min programme exploring aspects of their arts/science collaboration.

In the context of their work together, ‘The Moustachio Quartet’ will be discussed.  There will be a reading taken from the books by the author.

The programme has been made by award winning radio programme maker Nicolas Jackson of Afonica Sound Productions.


Check out Nicolas’ excellent work  at

Clive Wilkins Nicky Clayton

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The Captured Thought NEW Business Card

Having run out of our previous card~ we designed a new one! We like giving these away. Want one?

clive wilkins nicky clayton

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Prof. Nicky Clayton at a recent Clare College Feast

Nicky in the red dressPhoto by Clive Wilkins


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The Captured Thought at Dancin’ OXFORD Dance Festival 2015

Nicky Clayton Clive WilkinsDANCE & ACADEMIA: Moving the Boundaries presents Science and Dance – Finding Commonalities

Sunday 8 March
Conference: 10.30-4.30 Panel discussion: 5pm-6pm

The Jam Factory, 27 Park End Street, Oxford, OX1 1HU
Tickets £18, £15 concessions (includes lunch); Panel discussion only: £5 To book: 01865 305 305

How can dancers and scientists collaborate, and why would they? Can dance inspire new scientific research, and can science give meaning to new choreography?

This lively and interactive day will give movement practitioners, academics, scientists and anyone interested in any aspect of movement or dance an opportunity to stretch their mental and physical muscles, exploring shared and diverging understandings of science and dance and how these might fit together.

Facilitators on the day include:

The Captured Thought is a collaboration between Nicky Clayton, Professor of Comparative Cognition and also Scientist in Residence at Rambert, and Clive Wilkins, Artist in Residence, both based in the Department of Psychology at the University of Cambridge. The opportunity for an artist to collaborate uniquely with a scientist arose out of a chance encounter on one of life’s dancefloors. A tango dance floor in fact…

if you fancy a taster of what Nicky & Clive will be talking about, check out the article by Debbie Malina, ‘Fusion of Ideas’ in this month’s issue of ‘Dancing Times’

Subathra Subramaniam is a choreographer, dancer and educator. She is the artistic director of Sadhana Dance. Suba’s choreography navigates the confluence of arts and science drawing from her belief that dance can play a part in the public understanding and engagement with scientific concepts. Her work combines contemporary choreography and Bharata Natyam, an ancient South Indian dance form.

Bronwyn Tarr recently completed her doctoral thesis at University of Oxford, Social and Evolutionary Neuroscience Research Group, in which she managed to formally integrate her interests in social behaviour and dance. She advocates the use of dance as an ecologically and culturally valid platform for scientific research into topics of motor-coordination, music psychology, social agency and even autism therapies.

In partnership with Dancin’ Oxford 2015 and Oxfordshire Science Festival. All welcome.


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The Captured Thought meets Nicolas Jackson at Clare College, Cambridge

Nicky Clayton Clive Wilkins TangoClive and Nicky demonstrate a few tango moves on the radio!

University of Cambridge Professor of Comparative Cognition, Nicky Clayton and Artist in Residence, Clive Wilkins were recently interviewed about The Captured Thought & The Moustachio Quartet by Nicolas Jackson, the award winning Arts and Radio Projects Manager for Afonica and The British Council. Material was recorded for various projects, which will feature on The Spanish World Service and for The British Council.

Nicholas Jackson Clive WilkinsNicolas Jackson wonders how a £5 note can turn into £20~ right in front of his eyes~ whilst trying not to blink.

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By popular request~ Nicky Clayton’s reading from ‘Private Passions’.

Prof. Nicky Clayton’s chosen extract taken from ‘The Moustachio Quartet~ Count Zapik’, by Clive Wilkins, which she read during her BBC Radio ‘Private Passions’ programme, is set out below. There are three books in the quartet currently in print, available from Amazon. The last book in the series is still being written and will be published in 2016.

The books explore the subjective experience of thinking amidst the miasma of being, examining the experiences of four protagonists who pass through the mythical city of Warcapest. The works provide text extracts for the lecture series ‘The Captured Thought’ which Nicky and Clive have undertaken in the UK, in Europe and in the U.S.A.

The links at the end of this entry will take you directly to the Amazon site for purchase.

Clive Wilkins Count ZapikClive Wilkins Count Zapik

‘As he lay, looking up ‘above’ and into the stars, he dreamily watched them pass by at their own speed, not like the shooting stars, but at the speed the universe moves itself around the sun. The boy noticed, and could see the constellations sliding past the building~ wrapping their mysterious, ancient patterns around the edifice. Gaspard sensed he was right next to them by virtue of being on top of the high roof. He imagined he had always been there, and then pictured himself always having been there, as the hotel before it had ever been built, disappeared beneath him. The young bellhop was left suspended, in an interlude before he or his little job existed. He floated above reality, lost in time or beyond time, beneath the sky, but above the earth, not really sleeping yet, although just about to be, abandoned in a space between one place and another, breathing gently…

 …idly wondering if anything that could ever be thought by him, really mattered. The vast emptiness and the nothing he found himself experiencing in this moment, held him within its dominion.’

. _________________________ .

Follow the links provided to place your order for books published by


The Moustachio Quartet~ Count Zapik

The Moustachio Quartet~ Caruso Maelstrom

The Moustachio Quartet~ Xavier Mannikin

The Moustachio Quartet~ Eissenstrom

To be published in 2016

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Nicky Clayton on BBC Private Passions. Sunday February 8th. 12.00 noon.

Nicky discusses her life and times with Michael Berkley and chooses some of her favourite music.

Nicky Clayton


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